Myrtle Beach Wedding Photography

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How do you stand out in the world of Myrtle Beach wedding photography? How get to be uniquely different from the many excellent professionals practising their craft in this South Carolina beauty spot? You create work like Carl Kerridge, that’s how. There are several reasons why the work of Carl Kerridge is a cut above the rest. While others concentrate on the camera first, Carl concentrates on the couple. Great photography is an art form and only by developing a relationship with the subject can a photographer hope to create art. There are many fine practitoners of Myrtle Beach wedding photography, but only Carl Kerridge truly manages to elevate it to an art form. He achieves this through his exceptional ability to focus on the people at the centre of these life changing days: the couples; the families; and the friends.

It is the interplay between people when they gather together for special occasions that makes those occasions memorable. Amongst those involved in producing Myrtle Beach wedding photography, Carl Kerridge has the unique ability to put guests at their ease allowing them to be natural and relaxed in the presence of his camera, so that he can capture this precious interplay between people who love and care for each other. The fleeting smile, the subtle touch of hands, the look of pride in parents’ eyes, the innocent joy in the faces of children: all these are lost when we are not relaxed. They are not lost to the camera of Carl Kerridge. By knowing and understanding his subjects he puts them at their ease allowing them to show their true selves and him to record and preserve forever the true essence of the occasions.




In the world of Myrtle Beach wedding photography there are many excellent technicians, but only Carl Kerridge can bring technical proficiency and artistic flair together in a way that delivers gallery quality creations to the client. Not only does he have that precious talent for capturing the true essence of a wedding, but can add artistic interpretations and technical finishes that will leave you with a product that will become a family treasure. Do not expect mere snapshots from Carl Kerridge. Expect the work of an artist whose medium is his lens, who can understand people and how they care for each other and share special times. Carl will deliver this understanding to you in the form of his beautiful pictures. The colors, the moods, the sensations and the memories of your special day will be best represented by this exceptional photographer.

Myrtle Beach wedding photography gives you plenty of choice, but to choose Carl Kerridge will mean you have chosen the best. Carl sees the world with an artist’s eye and he views every wedding he attends, whether in Myrtle Beach or around the world, as a unique occasion, which he is privileged to be a part of. This is a moment in your life when you want the best of everything, so make sure you choose Carl Kerridge, the best of Myrtle Beach wedding photography.


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